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Easter EGGstravaganza 2017



Chinese New Year 2017 

Official 2017 Website

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Christmas Concert 



Halloween 2016 - Costume Contest & Trick-or-Treat


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Spirit of Harmony - Invitational Exhibition of East Asian Artists


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Mid Autumn Celebrations 2016 - Celebrities Love Arts


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Mid Autumn Moon Festival 2016 


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IWS Canada 1st International Watercolour Biennale 2016


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BC Health Qigong Week 2016


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Children & Youth Talent Contest 2016


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BC Jade Day Festival 2016


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Easter EGGstravaganza 2016



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Celebrating the Year of Monkey 2016 @ IVM

February 11th to 14th, 2016 


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Over the weekend, IVM was flooded with visitors coming to attend the highly anticipated CNY parade at Chinatown, watching fabulous dancing, singing and king-fu demostration on stage by our professional performers, stopping by all the heritgage stalls and night market-styled vendors to shop for unique items selling good deals, and last but not least, participated at our bi-hourly lucky draws winning some expensive prices given out by our sponsors to take home! Check out all the event photos here! Thank you to all of our sponsors again :)


Chinese New Year Celebration @ IVM

Check your lucky draw ticket number to see if you are the winners! If you have not been contacted by us yet, please email Once again, thank to all of our sponsors who gave out all these valuable prizes in courtesy!




Ticket #

Saturday Feb 13, 2pm

Catherine Yu


Yin Lee




Yasser Sampaio


Gelbert R. Aldea


David Kolich


Saturday Feb 13, 4pm



Isabell Homaister


David Li


Saturday Feb 13, 6pm



Chris Barker


Angela Li


Zhai Li Chang


Jenny (Chieh) Wang


Sunday Feb 14, 12pm

Zhong Gu




Kaitlyn Chang


C. Lau


Jeannie Co Lim


Austin McDonald


Dave Lopez


Sunday Feb 14, 2pm

Hayman Yip




Sunday Feb 14, 4pm

Gail Guo


Pat Finch


Linda Zhu




*A. Russell (Silver Coin Winner)



Winter Wonderland 

December 5th - 6th , 12th - 13th , 19th - 20th, 2015


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Santa came to visit us at the mall with his sexaphone and played xmas songs! We also had craft fair, children face painting and caroling by the C3 Church. Check out our lovely photos here!



Halloween Trick or Treat & Costume Contest, October 31, 2015


Happy Halloween! We had tons of fun trick or treating with numerous families and kids at the mall! It was mind-blowing seeing the creativity they had put in for their costumes, and also the amount of candies our vendors had given out. Click here to see the event photos!




VIPF - 4th Annual Vancouver International Photography Festival, October 10th to 25th, 2015




Lucky Draw Result


  • Congratulates to all the winners! Please check here to see the draw results and collect your prizes. Winners can redeem prizes at our office from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Mon to Fri, starting from October 6th(Tues) to 16th(Fri), 2015.


The 34th Vancouver International Film Festival, Sep 24th - Oct 9th


Our Cineplex Odeon International Village had especially arranged 3 theatres to showcase VIFF's featured movies. Thanks to all the excited visitors and wonderful volunteers, we had an amazing turnout throughout the festival! If you want to recap some of the movies that were played during the festival, please visit its website below:



Mid Autumn Moon Festival @ International Village, Sep 20th


Back to School Concert



The first ever Cat Cafe in Vancouver will be opening at IVM coming this fall 2015! Make sure to come by and grab coffee with the lovely kitties :)



Cat Cafe in the news: 

2015 Children's Talent Contest

Congratulations to all finalists at the 2015 Children Talent Contest @ IVM happened this past Sunday! Their excellent performances had impressed hundreds of visitors at the mall!

Big thank you again to McDonald's and the panel of judges for making this year's event another great success. See you all in Children's Talent Contests 2016 @ IVM! 

Click here to see the video clips and photos of the event! 


Splendor of Canada

National Crossing Boundaries 

Exhibition Opening: 2pm, May 16 Saturday



May 16, 2015 - May 24, 2015 @ International Village Mall

May 26, 2015 - June 7, 2015 @ Granville Island



Previous Events



Photo Show

April 25, 2015 - April 30, 2015




Sunday, April 5, 2015






Click here for Photo Gallery International Village Mall - Chinese New Year 2015 - Year of the Goat



2014 Winter Wonderland

Dec 8th - 22nd 

Come to meet Santa on the weekend! 

Between 12-4pm

on Saturday and Sunday

Dec. 13th - 14th, 20th - 21st



2014 Imaginarius Fantasticus IV

Dec.6-7, 2014



Imaginarius Fantasticus





2014 Halloween 

Trick or Treat and Costume contest

on Friday October 31,2014




2014 Vancouver International Film Festival is here

September 25 - October 10, 2014 



Check the schedule to explore the movies in the festival.





2014 Back to School Concert

September 20,2014




2014 Mid Autunm Moon Festival


2014 Children Talent Contest  

May 25, 2014  















2014 Easter  Eggstravaganza












































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Easter EGGstravaganza @ International Village 2018

March 31st (Sat) 2018 - 1PM to 4PM



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