Parking Information:


International Village Mall provides 2 hours of complimentary parking for its mall patrons.  Pay parking meters are located conveniently in both P1 and P2 elevator lobbies for patrons who need to extend their stays.  Non-mall patrons are welcome to use the parking facility, but are excluded from the 2 hours of complementary parking and must pay for parking before they leave the mall. If a parker leaves the mall with their vehicle still in the parkade and does not pay for parking, the result will be either their vehicle being ticketed or towed at the owner’s sole expense.

Free parking is provided to all movie patrons while attending the theatre.  Movie patrons are asked to keep their movie stub(s) as proof of attendance.  If a notice is issued to movie patron during the screening, please have your movie stub(s) ready and contact Impark at 604-909-3933.


For additional parking inquiries please contact Impark at 604-681-7311 or visit


Questions and Answers:


Q – The operation hours of the parking lot and total number of parking spaces?

A – IVM parkade is open to the public from 10am to 2am the following morning from Monday to Saturday and 11am to 2am the following morning on Sunday and Holidays.  The parkade has a total of 518 parking stalls.


Q – Who can use the parking facility?

A – The parkade is mainly dedicated to mall patrons but we also welcome non-mall patrons to use our parking facility to attend nearby businesses or events, with purchase of parking and use of a valid parking stall(s). 


Q – What is the 2 hours of free parking limit for mall patrons?

A – IVM offers 2 hours of complimentary parking to all mall patrons while shopping in the mall.  Free parking does not apply to parkers if they decide to leave the mall without their vehicle(s).


Q – What is the 2 hours of free parking limit for Theatre patrons?

A – Free parking is provided to movie patrons while attending the theater regardless of the movie length or number of movies watched in a day.  However, movie patrons are asked to keep their movie stub(s) as proof of attendance.


Q – How to extend additional parking hours beyond the provided 2 hours of free parking for mall patrons?

A – Additional parking hours can be purchased at the meters located in P1 & P2 elevator lobby areas. Basically you can estimate your time of stay and just purchase the additional time needed after you leave your car.  For instance, if you are parking for 3 hours, you will purchase for one more hour parking at our meter.  We have mechanism to calculate the additional time of stay only.


Q – What is the parking rate?

A - $4 for each additional hour, $10 all day, special event rates may apply during event days.


Q – What would be the penalty for illegal use of the parking?

A – This parking lot is patrolled 24/7, offenders will be issued violation notice and/or towed at the owner’s expense.


Q – How to retrieve vehicle if it was towed?

A – The Parker needs to contact Drake Towing if the vehicle was towed: 604-251-3344


Q – How to apply for monthly parking?

A – Monthly parking is offered to both tenants and non-tenants.  Information can be found on Impark’s website: www.impark.comor call 1-877-909-6199 for monthly parking inquiries Lot 1338.


Q – For additional inquires on parking rules and regulations.

A – Please contact 604-681-7311 during regular business hours from Monday to Friday, 9am – 4:30pm.  Or find us online

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Contact Information

Management Office: (604) 647-1137
Security Office and Lost & Found: (604) 647-1127
Parking Management, Monthly Pass and Event Parking: Impark (604) 681-7311