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Our business model was exclusively based on healthy food promotion in the food court. Moreover, our business venture started as a first healthy food experiment in 2010. As part of our campaign to promote healthy diet in other communities, we regularly host Vancouver Vegan groups for lunches and dinners. Please see appended URL for recent vegan buffet dinner we have hosted as part of monthly healthy food promotion campaign in British Columbia-


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"Sri Lankan Food Cooked with Love": The hidden gem to top all hidden gems. That's what we found at Canra, a food court stall tucked away on the second floor at International Village. Canra one of just a few places in town where you can find Sri Lankan food — and it delivers an authentic, down-home experience. - Savoteur

We believe that, it is crucial for the Sri Lankan-Canadian community to contribute to mainstream society, by promoting certain unique aspects of healthy Sri Lankan food culture and the cuisine. The Canra Sri Lankan healthy food initiative is a great start. In this perspective, Canra Sri Lanka initiative serve to enrich Canadian healthy life styles by sharing and promoting healthy food choices, the very best aspect of authentic Sri Lankan food culture.

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